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    How could guaranteed rent work for you?

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How does it work?
We become your tenants and pay you an agreed fixed rent each month, using our expertise to let your property.


What do you mean by ‘guaranteed rent’?

We will pay you an agreed amount of rent on the first day of the month for the duration of your contract with Property360. That money will come to you whether or not your property is occupied allowing you to have complete peace of mind. There is security in knowing exactly what you will get into your account on a monthly basis!


What areas do you cover?
We currently operate in Bristol, covering postcodes, BS1 to BS8. However, we are always growing so, if you think your property could be right for us, please do get in touch.


How long is the contract?
The contract length is 12 months with an option to extend for a further year.


Why should I choose you?
Quarter is the largest independent operator of hotels, venue space, short lets and residential properties in Bristol. We are in a unique position to maximise the return on your property, with specialist teams in sales and revenue management, marketing, operations, maintenance and house keeping.


What about the internal condition of my property?
We take full responsibility for the state of your property and our 24 hour property development team keep it in perfect condition.


How do you decide which properties to take on?
We do an initial survey, free of charge, to determine your property’s potential. In the event your property isn’t currently suitable we will recommend improvements to allow us to take it on.


How and when will I receive the monthly income?

We will process your monthly payment on the first working day of the month, so depending on how quickly your bank can process the payment the money may even go into your account that same day. We will pay the rent via a bank transfer.


How do you vet guests?

The majority of our guests come via Airbnb which operates a thorough reviewing system. Our reservations & guest enquiries team vets prospective guest’s reviews in detail and likes to see around 3 good reviews. We also make sure that the guests profile is up to date with contact details and a confirmation of their ID before confirming a booking. We also list properties on our own website Quarter Short Lets, guests coming via this platform will need to provide us with a valid ID and their reason for visiting Bristol before we accept their booking.


Who is responsible for day to day maintenance issues?

We are! We have an excellent maintenance team on hand 24/7 just in case there are any issues in your property. We take responsibility and cover the cost of all minor maintenance issues, larger ones will be discussed with the landlord as and when they arise. We have a ‘maintenance responsibilities’ document which specifies exactly what kinds of maintenance issue we do and do not cover – please let us know if you would like a copy and we will send it straight over to you!


What if a guest damages the property in some way?

We’ll handle it – we want working with us to be as hassle and stress-free as possible! As part of our contract with yourself we guarantee to return your property in the same, if not better condition, as it was at the start.


Why would I want lots of short-term tenants rather than one long tenant?

  • The property is cleaned by an experienced housekeeper after every guest – no more concerns about whether your tenants haven’t cleaned the property since they moved in!
  • No longer the risk of being tied into a year long contract with difficult and demanding tenants.


My property isn’t furnished, could you furnish it for me?

Ideally we like to take on furnished properties, however if your properties is semi-furnished, ticks all the boxes and the numbers are looking good we would consider contributing to the furnishing.


What do I do next?
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