7 Issues Landlords Face

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7 Issues Landlords Face

written on 13/02/2017 2:00pm
Being a landlord can be very rewarding in terms of income, however there are many problems that you will come across. Listed below are the most common issues a landlord faces, and where Property360 can provide a guaranteed “let and forget” service to make your life as a landlord as stress free as possible, whilst still allowing you to earn 5% more than market value for your property.
  • Empty properties: loss of income is the biggest challenge faced by landlords. Having an empty property can in some circumstances lose you money or stop you from earning extra income.
  • Late payments: from tenants may mean you have to pay the mortgage/ bills etc from your own pocket, it is also time consuming chasing the payments up and making sure they are on time for the rest of their contract

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  • High turnover rate: can be time consuming and can lose you money as you may have big gaps between tenants. Different tenants can bring different challenges and set up fees
  • Legal issues: staying on top of landlord legislations and regulations can be daunting and time consuming and if not adhered to can get you into trouble, knowing yours and your tenant’s rights on issues such as squatters is important

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  • Screening tenants: again can be costly and time consuming but is important to make sure you have the most suitable tenants occupying your property
  • Managing: if you have more than one property it can be a difficult task keeping on top of paperwork and different tenants can be difficult and time consuming to handle, especially if being a landlord is not your full time occupation
  • Maintenance: maintaining properties and their contents, such as appliances can be very costly and time consuming

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 If, as a landlord, you have experienced or are experiencing these issues, this is where Property360 can help. Our service provides:

  • guaranteed rent – paid on time, every month
  • regular property inspections and maintenance management
  • tenants are fully managed- we vet the tenants and deal with questions, queries and complaints
  • Aid in legal and health and safety requirements
  • internal conditions guarantee

Having this service by Property360 will allow you to ‘let and forget’ whilst earning earn 5% more than market value, with no set up fees, commission or hidden extras.

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